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Healthcare administrators have the challenging job of organizing, managing and supervising healthcare facilities ranging from individual clinics to broad-reaching hospital networks. The career path requires a solid background in business and management, as well as a strong understanding of healthcare practices and the industry as a whole. Decision-making abilities are crucial, as well as the ability to manage personnel, finances, operations and legal changes.

Healthcare Administration Degree connects you with top programs in healthcare administration and healthcare management, so you can develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this high-demand field. With online and campus-based schools offering accredited training in healthcare management, financial administration and operations management for the healthcare industry, getting started on your healthcare administration career is as simple as finding the best program and getting enrolled. Search schools by state or zip to see what programs are available in your area, and find out how far your health career can take you.

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Healthcare Administration degree programs range from 24-month associate’s degrees to 4-year doctoral degrees, with a wide array of concentrations and program options to choose from.Flexible online programs offer anytime scheduling for parents, full-time employees and students in the military. Campus-based programs provide a face-to-face learning environment. The direction you choose is up to you. In this section: Find out about the different healthcare administration degree types, as well as a basic training overview and a list of our recommended programs.

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Healthcare Administration School

Not sure which area of healthcare administration fits you best? Check out our bank of articles to see what aspects of healthcare administration catch your eye.In this section: Read about a few of the educational and career-oriented aspects of healthcare administration and management, and decide if this is the career direction for you.

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Healthcare Administrators can oversee a hospital department, a group practice, or an entire hospital system. Their duties can range from hands-on daily tasks in smaller practices, to broad, big-picture management in larger facilities.
The skillset you will need will determine the type of healthcare administration program you will benefit most from. Explore the career options in healthcare administration to see which direction works for you.In this section: Find out about the different types of healthcare administrator, see current salary figures, and glimpse the future outlook of the industry.

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