Heart Disease Risk Factors Found in Six Year Olds

Scientists are saying that our kids these days are getting more and more of a head start… on heart disease and early death.

Oxford researchers analyzed data from 63 studies on nearly 50,000 school-aged kids from 23 countries and noticed a frightening uptick in cholesterol levels as well as signs of early onset heart problems. The problem, they surmised, was that these rotund youngsters (some as young as six years-old) had thicker than normal heart muscles. This is usually a good indicator of problems with high blood pressure. Continue reading

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Could the Northwest Be Due for an Outbreak?

Low rates of vaccination compliance are putting certain states dangerously close to being susceptible to deadly outbreaks of diseases long thought to be dormant.

Exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons have pushed vaccination rates below 80% in communities across parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. A community vaccination rate of around 95% is necessary to ensure what’s known as ‘herd immunity’ for measles. Continue reading

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